10 Best-customized Handicraft Gift Hampers

The most confusing part is to decide on a gift for someone, let it be your family or your friends or your colleagues. Kalakaary has a huge variety of customized handmade gift ideas and products to help you personalize your gifts to your concerned person.

Let me share the list of the gift hampers you can buy or save for later :

1. Scented Kulhad candles

2. Handmade flavors of Chocolates

3. Macramé art

4. Personal Care Products - soaps, perfumes, lotions and moisturizers, face packs, body salt, lip care

5. Clothing

6. Customized frames

7. Embroidery art

8. Corporate Gifts - Office desk essentials

9. Rajasthani artwork

10. Strings Art

Scented kulhad candles hamper

It includes chocolates, handmade cards, flowers and Kulhad candles

The kulhads are painted in traditional designs to give them the look of the Indian art forms that have been there for generations.

Handmade flavors of chocolates

The flavors include - white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with a variety of nuts, fruit flavored chocolate

The most gifted and best choice is chocolates. Everyone is fond of chocolates and it would be icing on the cake when you have a variety of flavors available.

Macramé art

Macramé art has made a turnaround, a thing of beauty that had been abandoned previously is now making inroads in our elegant ambience. We have a tantalizing collection of leaf-shaped keychains and feather wall hangings, we not only put feathers to the cap,  but we also put feathers to your ears, we take customized orders for doormats, wall décor, keychains, cushions, embroideries, Bags, Purses, etc.

Personal Care Products

It has a wide range of products like lip care, soaps, perfumes, car freshener, room freshener, face packs, hand wash, etc.

We offer a dedicated organic personal care collection. All the products in the group are prepared organically and do not contain any harmful substances.


It includes Tie Dye T-shirt’s and sets and Bleach T-shirt’s and sets

Clothing is the gift anyone would love to have as everyone is fond of new clothes. We provide good quality T-shirt’s check the wear and tear and then ship them to the customers. These T-shirt’s look cool and makes your outfit stand out. Also, your favorite designs are customized on the cloth pieces or types like bags, etc. are easily available for you on Kalakaary.

Customized Frames

Frames have a variety of different art forms like Mandala, Canvas, Acrylic Paintings, fluid art, etc.

The beauty of our artists is about the details they work on to make the art speak for itself. Not only for decorating your walls but for your office desk, study table and wardrobe décor, different frames for your ideas are constructed.

Embroidery art

Our artists create these adorable customized designs with a needle and thread or with yarn and the beauty of this frame is in its details.

Finished hand embroidery art with a combination of creative ideas with the traditional touch makes its appearance aesthetic.

Corporate Gifts

People will always feel honored and pleasure to work with a genuine corporate team who appreciates your achievements. Kalakaary has a set of corporate gift ideas to make this easy for you to order one for your colleagues.

It has diaries, pens, calendars, mousepads, bookmarks, frames, wallets, keychains, etc.

Rajasthani Artwork

It is exotic and have a widespread appeal. We could notice that there’s a huge demand for Rajasthani Mojaris, Lac bangles, Jhumars, etc.

We thought of promoting the Rajasthani artists to the people of India and all over the globe.

If you feel like giving a present with traditional aesthetics then this category is for you.

String Art

String art or pin and thread art, is identified by an arrangement of multi-colored thread strung between points to form geometric patterns or representational designs. These can be used as fridge magnets as well, they are available in all customized sizes.