Kalakaary’s Organic Personal Care Collection

All of us these days are concerned about our skin and body hygiene. It is a necessity to have a skincare routine these days. Why? Because of excessive pollution and skin-harming chemicals. To follow a skincare routine, one needs to have a variety of reliable products. At times, some of the chemical-induced products do more harm than any good. So, what is the way out? The only way is to switch to organic products. They are soft on the skin, and also come in the same affordable range.

Here at Kalakaary, we offer a dedicated organic personal care collection. All the products in the group are prepared organically and do not contain any harmful substances. These items are handmade and made with utmost love and care.

Listing our organically produced Personal Care Collection for every skin type:

  • Trident Homemade Soap

Homemade soaps feel and smell different. Their fragrance is satisfying, and it feels smooth on the skin. These soaps are made with natural products and at home. Every soap has a different ingredient. We have tons of kinds available at Kalakaary. Some of them include Coffee Soap, Charcoal Soap, Turmeric Soap, and Red Wine Soap. These products come at an affordable price range too.

Oils nourish the skin and hair to a great extent. They work really well in moisturizing the skin and giving it a shine. Our anti-blemish oil clears the skin and makes it healthier. It is homemade and does not contain any chemicals.

  • Face Creams and Lotions

Lotions and creams are essential in every season. They keep the skin healthy by preventing them from getting dry. Some of these lotions have minerals and nutrients in them that are needed for the skin. Our nourishing body lotion is prepared organically and works best for every skin type. The skin glow cream is mixed with turmeric oil for the best benefits. Shop our Collection of Skincare Products that adapt naturally, which includes Facial Moisturizers.

Face Washes are an important product that must be included in your skincare routine. General soaps may turn harsh on face skin and cause breakouts. We have a Morning Dew Face Wash that will not clog pores, and make your skin look healthier. Also, if you are having a tanned face after a holiday, choose our De Tan Scrub to reverse the effect.

  • Body Wash

If you do not prefer using soap, opt for body wash. The body wash smells nice and makes the skin look plump. We offer a Citrus body wash prepared with natural products that would remove dirt and nourish your skin.

Also, we have Bath Salts available for relaxation and pain healing purposes. These salts relax the body and have a sweet fragrance. And you know what else is insane? The price of the body wash. The handmade body wash is not only natural, healthy, and perfect for every skin type, but we also sell them at a reasonable price.

  • Face Pack

For self-care Sundays, choose Kalakaary’s organic face packs. Face Packs prove effective in the long run if used regularly. They cleanse the skin and unclog the pores. Our range of face packs includes skin glowing packs, pigmentation reduction packs, under-eye dark circle packs, and so on.

Lip Balm is a requisite. It is something all of us use on a daily basis. We are always on the look for trying out new flavors. This time try out our organic Lip Balm.

It is butter soft on lips and prevents them from drying out. It moisturizes and smoothens your lips.

Moisturizing Lip balm's primary purpose is to gently hydrate the lips. The handmade lip balm also works. It is intended to offer a healthy and all-natural remedy for chapped and cracked lips. It significantly replenishes the moisture in lips.

  • Perfumes

Who doesn’t like perfumes? It is something all of us use before stepping out of the house. Their smell is soothing and puts us in a good mood instantly. Kalakaary’s house of perfumes range offers pocket perfumes for him/her. They smell perfect and stay intact all day long. These were our homemade organic personal care range. Choose these products for healthy skin. All of the products come in an affordable range. Check our personal care section for more.

If you are seeking skincare products, look no further than Kalakaary. For more information, explore our online store https://www.kalakaary.com/cof-personal-care

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