The Renowned Pride of Rajasthan - Lac Bangles

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The Renowned Pride of Rajasthan - Lac Bangles

Wait, did we hear the honey-toned tinkling of bangles? Look at those vibrant Lac bangles!! Where are we? Rajasthan it seems.

Bangles are as old as the inception of civilization. They have been a prominent ornament for ages. We have seen bangles being made from wood, terracotta, shell, and glass. They form an eminent part of our culture and ethos. But did you know that you would find the most beautiful bangles in the narrow alleys of Jaipur? The traditional artisans hailing from Jaipur curate gorgeous lac bangles in the town. The legend says that in the year 1727 CE the ruler of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II aspired to make Jaipur a center of craftsmanship. He wanted the local artisans to create and thrive on their authentic craft. And, that led to the creation of this precious ornament.

In India, Lac Bangles are highly admired for their beauty, color, and cultural value. It is said that lac bangles are proven lucky for married women. It symbolizes luck, happiness, and prosperity. These bangles are crafted with precision and beauty making them the most cherished piece of ornament in the country.

Let’s dig a little into the making of Lac Bangles. Lac is basically a resin substance secreted by a tiny insect. Artisans mostly collect it from tree barks and are then carefully processed by traditional methods to create bangles. First, the substance is collected and refined properly. So, the substance that remains is called, ‘shellac’. Later, the shellac is blended with other powders, and materials to soften it and mold it into bangles. At the last stage, they are colored carefully by heating them over coal burners. The technique hasn’t changed in centuries, and artisans still prefer the authentic method over machinery.

The purity and uniqueness of this product attract visitors from across the globe. People adore these bangles and want to hoard every color in their collection. The best craftsmen reside in Rajasthan primarily in Maniharon Ka Rasta, Jaipur.

The place is always sprawling with visitors buying these gorgeous ornaments, and admiring the true craftsmanship. The artisans are carrying forward the legacy pretty well as the quality is compelling even today. This is the real heritage of our country, and we must preserve it at any cost. Let’s recognize these skilled craftsmen and respect their craft as much as we can.

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